Chapitre 7: 

On fait les magasins?
Les Objectifs
1. We will tell what happened.
2. We will describe circumstances.
3. We will tell what will happen.
4. We will wonder what will happen.


Verb Flip Chart – Flip Chart


Quizlet Flashcards:
Vocabulaire 1
Vocabulaire 2

Le futur



Quia assignments to come

Les Vidéos

Le passé Composé ou l’imparfait

For more information: Imparfait vs. passe compose Fr. 2  

être en train de…

Le futur

Le Projet

Our project for this unit will be to tell about our childhood memories.  You will choose THREE different things to talk about, it could be a memory from when you were 5 or 10 or from this past Spring Break.  You will use VoiceThread to add an image of each memory, then tell your story.  Remember that both the imparfait and the passé composé will be used to tell your story.

VoiceThread Instructions_

Scoring Guide_Mes Souvenirs d’enfance

Pour le brouillon : Amy Lenord’s Awesome PC Imparfait chart (the same rules apply for Spanish)

Mon exemple



Révision 7-1 PLEASE NOTE:  You must follow the directions at the bottom of this handout in order to get credit for the quia games (for the vocab and être en train de)—If you don’t log in, I can’t see your work!!

Help for Interro 7-1

Help for Interro 7-2

Here are some sentences that you should study: la tortue