Chapitre 2: 

Qu’est-ce que j’aime faire?
Les Objectifs
1.Students will identify their likes and dislikes.
2.Students will tell how often they like to do certain activities.
3.Students will ask how often other people like to do activities.


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Les Vidéos

Les Articles définis
Be sure to take GREAT notes on this video due Friday, September 12th

Here is a YOUTUBE link:

Les Verbes en -er
This is the MOST IMPORTANT thing that we learn this semester.  These notes are extremely important!!  Make sure that you take great notes, include some examples and be ready for your notes quiz on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23!!

Here is a YOUTUBE link:

à et les articles définis
We already know about definite articles, but what happens when you use them with the préposition à?  Take some great notes and be ready for a  notes quiz on Thursday, September 25th.

Here is a YOUTUBE link:



Edmodo Assignment:

We are finally able to communicate to our “Correspondants” via Edmodo.  Click here: Edmodo Instructions

This post should be completed by Wednesday, the 17th of September.

Quia Practice

Throughout this year we will use to practice what we are learning.  Click on the link for your first Quia assignment.  (This assignment must be completed by Wednesday, October 1st.

Quia Quiz: -er verbs


It’s time to prepare for our test!!!! Our test will Thursday, October 2nd.

Click the link for some test help: Test Help and Practice Activities