Chapitre 3: 

Comment est toi et ta famille?
Les Objectifs
1.Students will describe themselves.
2.Students will describe family members.
3.Students will ask about other people.


Quizlet Flashcards: Vocabulaire 1Le Verbe êtreVocabulaire 2

Les Vidéos

 Les Adjectifs

Our first video for Chapter 3 is due Wednesday, October 8th.  Take good notes so that you can understand how to correctly use descriptive words in sentences!!

Le Verbe être
Our next set of notes for Chapitre 3 is due mercredi, le 22 octobre.


Les Adjectifs Possessifs
This topic is one of the most difficult topics of this chapter.  These notes are due by mercredi, le 29 octobre, however the sooner you take these notes, the better!  Make sure to take great notes!!

Les Contractions avec de
This video is meant to help you to completed the notes handout: Notes: Les contractions avec de. You do not have to use this video, but it is here to help you. I apologize for the poor quality of the video.

Quia Practice

Our first Quia Practice is due Friday, le 24 octobre: Quia Quiz: Chapitre 3- Vocabulaire 1

Révision de Chapitre 3

We will be doing several things to put into practice what we have learned in Chapitre 3.

1. Quia Quiz (due by vendredi, le 7 novembre): Quia Quiz: Révision de Chapitre 3

2. Projet de la Famille: Ma Famille – Project DescriptionMa famille – Le planMa Famille Photo Story and Submission Instructions

3. Préperez-vous pour l’examen – Fr1 Chapitre 3 Test Help