Chapitre 1

Quizlet flashcards – Vocabulaire 1 , Vocabulaire 2Le verbe avoirLe Verbe être


Les Vidéos

Notes #5 Les Verbes Irregulières Our first set of video notes we will watch together in class.

Here is a YOUTUBE link to the video:

Notes #6: Les Articles Our second video is due Wednesday, le 13 août.  Use your Cornell Style Notes notes and take EXCELLENT notes.  Remember that on Wednesday, we will have a notes quiz over this video.  You may use your notes for the quiz!

Here is a YOUTUBE link to the video:

Notes #7: Les Adjectives

These notes are due Wednesday, le 19 août!!  Take good notes do that you can do awesome on the quiz!!

Here is the YOUTUBE link to the vidéo:

Notes #9 :Les Verbes Réguliers 

This is the FIRST part of these notes.  (We will finish in class.)  Watch the video and complete Cornell Style notes by mercredi, le 27 août.

Here is a YOUTUBE link to the video:

Les Activités

Les Verbes Savoir et Connaître – Quia Quiz – Savoir et Connaître

Do this assignment to practice these two verbs.  Due Thursday, le 28 août.


Our FIRST chapter test will be LUNDI, LE 5 SEPTEMBRE!!!! It is never too early to start to prepare!!  Click here for Chpater 1 Test Hints