Chapitre 1: 

L’alphabet français

Les Nombres français

Quizlet Flashcards: Les Salutations et les nombres, Dans la salle de classeLe verbe avoir


Les Vidéos

Our first video should be completed on Cornell Style Notes  by Friday, August 15th.  We will have a quiz over those notes, so take GOOD NOTES!!

Les Salutations

After this video you should be able to tell someone hello, how are you and good-bye in French.  You should also be able to respond to “How are you” in several different ways.  This information can be found in your textbook our in your Online Textbook on pages 6-8.

Here is a link to the video on YOUTUBE:

Dans la salle de classe

This video is for Notes #7: Dans la salle de classe.  You may use your textbook (p. 18) or use the video. Or both!! (Due Monday, the 25th of August)

Here is a link to this video on YOUTUBE:

Les Pronoms Sujets et le verbe avoir

Use Cornell Style notes to take great notes!! (due Wednesday, the 27th of August!!)

Find this in your textbook on pages 14 and 26.

Here is a YOUTUBE link:




Our Chapter 1 exam will be FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 5TH.  This is your first exam, and you should study!!!  Click here for TEST HELP.