Chapitre 2


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Les Vidéos

Les Pronoms Objets
Our first video for this chapter is due vendredi, le 12 septembre.

Here is a YOUTUBE link:
Les Pronoms Objets Partie 2:Les pronoms indirect
This video is due MARDI, LE 16 SEPTEMBRE!!

Here is a YOUTUBE link:

Le Passé Composé
This topic is probably THE MOST important thing that you will learn this year.  This is BIG TIME stuff!!!  Take awesome notes and be ready by MARDI, LE 23 SEPTEMBRE!!

Here is a YOUTUBE link:

Le Passé Composé avec être

There is a little more that we need to learn about the Passé Composé.  This video is due mardi, le 7 octobre.  There are a lot of little details, here.  Take really good notes!

Here is a YOUTUBE link:

Quia Practice

We will use Quia to practice the Passé Composé. Click the link below to access the quiz.  It must be completed by  mercredi, le premier octobre.



Quia Quiz: Les Verbes Réguliers

Quia Quiz: Le passé composé avec les verbes irregulières


Voilà quelque chose pour vous aider à l’examen de Chapitre 2.  Nous allons passer l’examen jeudi, le 2 octobre.  Etudiez bien!!

Clickez ici: Chapter 2 Test Help

Les pronoms objets

Many of you have requested more help with object pronouns.  Here is some help:

Learn French with Pascal YouTube Video Lesson on Object Pronouns

Direct Object Pronoun Quiz

Indirect Object Pronoun Quiz

50 pas plus (Here is the pdf of the game that we played on Monday.  These are words that you’ll see on the test!!)

L’examen de Passé Composé

We will take a test on vendredi, le 24 octobre over just what he know about the passé composé (and a little bit of object pronouns).  Il est nécessaire d’étudier!!  Cliquez ici pour vous aider: Examen de Passé Composé